Wakefield and Disrict U3A

Urban Birding

With the onset of winter and the inclement weather being a birder in winter one needs to be hardy and strongly motivated to continue. However there is an alternative which can be quite enjoyable. Go for a local walk and take binoculars and be surprised by what you see in the lens. The new city fields housing development in Stanley has been just one of those surprises.
Which at maximum only takes less than an hour to complete and you may be surprised By what you see.

For example

Thousands of starling perched on the power lines.

A solitary buzzard on the ground enjoying earth worms and other insects.

A flock of greylag geese feeding on the grass.

Hundreds of gulls in a mixed flock of black headed and lesser black backed.

In addition crow and magpie

Three species of winter thrush field fare, mistle and song

The highlight for me was the sighting of a small flock of grey partridge a bird that has declined in large numbers and is very difficult to approach before it flies off.