Bridge Classes Danny Parsonson

These classes are now well into their fifth year. My students so far have surpassed all my expectations. Most now play competitively with a number now being firmly established at Wakefield Bridge Club and Ossett Bridge Club. Even my first year beginners will start playing competitive Bridge in March/April of 2017. I intend to continue this success in September 2016. All my bridge classes take place at my home in Normanton. My telephone number is 01924 220297 and email is Bookings are already being taken for a bridge holiday in St. Annes in January 2017. The holiday commences on January 22 for five nights, includes Bed, breakfast and evening meal with afternoon tea and biscuits. The cost is £189 per person. I am also well into arranging a week (or longer) in Budapest playing at various clubs. This will be in September 2017 and should cost round about £300. If you are interested let me know.


I have started a new 1st year course on Monday afternoon 5 September 2016. I teach the English ACOL system and follow the guidelines as followed by the EBU Bridge for All. It will be a leisurely stroll through Book 1 and should result in you being able to play adequate Bridge in the first few months. It will include participation in a National Duplicate Simultaneous Pairs Event in (probably) March 2017 which is organised by myself with the help of Wakefield Bridge Club. (Incidentally, this is not compulsory). All you require to start in this year is a knowledge of cards. If you have played whist in the past, this is a good grounding. All my first year students are automatically enrolled as a Bridge Student with the EBU. This entitles you to the student's magazine and a free diary.


This is a continuation of my beginners class from last year and as such is continuing on a Thursday afternoon and started on 8 September for all those who wished to continue. We are now into Book 2 of the EBU Bridge for All.

Third Year

This takes my students further as we are now well into Book 2 developing the strategy of Bridge (making it awkward for our opponents) and introduces a few Conventional Bids not previously encountered. Analysis of hands played at a competitive level is also undertaken. This group is held on a Thursday morning and started on 8 September.

Revision Group

For want of a better name. (If you can think of a better name, then let me know). This group meets on a Tuesday morning and started on 6 September. We go over anything we should already know (and have forgotten) but also discuss defence strategy, declarer play, cue bidding and splinter bidding as well as the merits of weak twos and other techniques. It is through this group that we usually book bridge holidays and weekends. Members of other groups are invited to attend these with us and we usually have a ball.