Executive Committee

Chairman Shirley Dufton 01484534297 michaeldufton@surfree.co.uk
Vice-Chairman Shirley Wigglesworth01924 378809 shirleywigglesworth@btinternet.com
Hon. Secretary Hilary Fowler01924 258234 fowler_hilary@hotmail.com
Hon. Treasurer Pauline Turney 01924 255746 pauline.turney@googlemail.com
Committee Members
Group Coordinator Elaine Machell 01924 277924 e.machell@talktalk.net
Events Shirley Wigglesworth 01924 378809 shirleywigglesworth@btinternet.com
Membership and New Member Co-ordinator Pauline Turney 01924 255746 pauline.turney@googlemail.com
Welfare Officer Michael Dufton 01484534297michaeldufton@surfree.co.uk
Hilary Elstone 01924 277504. hilaryelstone@gmail.com
Non-executive members
Content for News Letter and the Web Site
Changes to Mailing label
Michael Wilkinson  u3a.wakefield@yahoo.co.uk
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     Updated December 2017