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  • Art W. Y. Sports Club, Walton Lane, Sandal. Every Wednesday 10:00am. - 12noon
    Mary Oldham 01924 367043, e-mail mij.oldham@btinternet.com.

    This is a self help group, where members are encouraged to help each other. We welcome beginners or experienced artists, choosing any painting medium.
    A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover rent
    Commencing 13th Sept
  • Bird Watching Various Sites 3rd Tuesday monthly 9:30 am.
    Clive Nichols nicholsc@btinternet.com

    The group meets for half or occasionally whole-day sessions, and visits local sites of interest. Binoculars are desirable and a reasonable level of fitness is required. Suitable outdoor clothing and footwear should be worn. Commencing 19th Sept 2017.
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  • Bridge All Bridge classes are at the tutor's home, Normanton
    Danny Parsonson 01924 220297 dannyparsonson@hotmail.com

    A weekly charge of £1 is made on all groups to cover materials and other costs.
  • Bridge Beginners Monday 2.00pm to 4.00pm Commencing January 2018
    The course is designed to enable students either to leave with the basic knowledge to play bridge socially. or to continue to play duplicate bridge at club level. Designed for those who have no experiance of bride, however, a knowledge of card play is helpful. You will automatically be enrolled as a Bridge Student with the English Bridge Union.
  • Bridge - 2nd Year Thursday 2.00pm to 4.00pm (or later) Commencing 7 September 2017
    This is a continuation of last year's beginners course We are still learning but playing competitively whilst we do so. Vacancies for those who already have a basic knowledge of Bridge
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  • Bridge - 3rd Year Thursday 10.00am to 12 Noon (or later) Commencing 8 September
    A continuation of last year's 2nd year course. Most students are now playing competitvely and we are into the EBU Book 2.
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  • Bridge - 4th Year Tuesday 10.00am to 12 Noon (or later) Commencing 6 Sept
    This is now my established group over four and five years which I have amalgamated and some of this group do better than I do in the competitions. Members of this group are playing competitively and we all discuss various deals and techniques and learn further aspects of the game. Members of the above groups can also attend provided there is room so please ask first.

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  • Coffee Mornings with Speaker or Games West Yorkshire Sports Club, Walton Lane, Sandal.
    3rd Friday, Monthly 10-12noon
    Mags Hilton 07970776798

    Coffee is served at 10.00am. One month a speaker will entertain us and the following month we will enjoy coffee, in door curling, conversation, and board games, etc. Commencing on 15th Sept 2017. Speaker Doug Stewart: "Flowers of Verge and Highway"
    If you have any books you no longer want, bring them along to sell for U3A and perhaps get yourself a new read as well.
    A charge of £1 will be made to cover rent
  • Craft & Chat Agbrigg Community Centre
    Thursday – 10.00am – 12.00 noon.
    Karen Stratton 01924 864523 or email karen4changes@gmail.com

    We are a warm and friendly group of like-minded crafters. We include quilting/patchwork, embroidery, paper crafting, jewellry making, digital crafting, knitting/crochet and more. A self help group sharing knowledge and skills. Experienced crafters and beginners all welcome.,
    A charge of £11 per 10 week term will be made to cover rent.
    Commencing 7th Sept 2017
  • Crafts(1) Tutors home, Huddersfield
    Every two weeks Friday 2:00 pm. - 4:00 pm.
    Shirley Dufton 01484 534297

    An opportunity to discuss and to experiment with some of the crafts which we have not previously experienced; to extend and develop our skills while learning new techniques.
  • Crafts(2) Tutors home, Huddersfield
    Every two weeks Thursday 10:00am. - 12 noon &
    Shirley Dufton 01484 534297

    An opportunity to discuss and to experiment with some of the crafts which we have not previously experienced; to extend and develop our skills while learning new techniques.
  • Crown Green Bowling(1) Every Friday morning 10.30 to 1:00
    Marjorie Crawford 01977 611342 Email 33@marjoriecrawford.plus.com

    Summer Season April to September at Crofton Community Centre. £5.00 initial membership payable to the Centre, pluse £1.50 per visit. Winter Season from 6 october 2017 to march 2018 (also outdoors) at Hemsworth Miners Welfare Club at Fitzwilliam. £1.00 per visit
    come and enjoy this gentle exercise with social company.
  • CROWN GREEN BOWLING(2), Ossett at Ossett CC and AC, Dimplewell Road,
    Every Tuesdays from 9.45am to 12 noon,
    Contact Elaine Machell e.machell@talktalk.newt

    for beginners and those with experience. summer only A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover the cost of the green. Next session commencing 10 April 2018
  • Current Affairs Tutors Home, Horbury
    3rd Tuesday monthly 2.00 - 3.30 pm
    Hilary Elstone 01924 277504 hillaryelstone@gmail.com

    This group will have open discussions on subjects of general interest which are in the news.
    The group hopefully be able to tackle all areas.
    Commencing 19 Sept 2017
  • Dining Out(1) Various venues.
    3rd Tuesday of each month, at 7 pm
    Pauline Turney 01924 255746
    A casual eating-out evening where we try a variety of venues, arranged to suit those participating.
    Commencing 19th Sept 2017
  • Dining Out(2) Various venues.
    4th Wednesday of each month, at 7 pm
    Elaine Machell 01924 277924 e.machell@talktalk.net

    Due to demand a second group has been formed, with the opportunity for a different day of the week.
    Commencing 27th Sept 2017
  • Drawing And Painting Agbrigg Community Centre
    Every Monday 10am-12.00 noon
    Mike Stearne on 01924 864523 or email mike4changes@gmail.com

    For anyone who is interested in drawing and painting, including pen and wash, crayon, charcoal or pastel. You can choose abstact, still life, or any other style. This is a self help group, each sharing their skills and knowledge. Experienced and beginners welcome.
    A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover rent.
    Commencing 4th Sept 2017
  • Family History Sandal Library
    3rd Monday monthly 2:00 pm. - 4:00 pm.
    John Wilson 01924 279925 fhaubrey@gmail.com

    There are interesting stories in most people's history, often undiscovered. Why not find out what lies behind the vague memories of you and your family members? Our self-help group, sometimes using computers, needs new members and we hope to assist all, whether experienced or starting from scratch.
    Commencing 18th Sept 2017
  • French: Conversation Walton Village Hall, School Lane, Walton, WF2 6PA.
    Every Monday 10:15am-12:15pm.
    Ann Dore 01924 257459

    We talk in French, and listen to others talking French. English may be used during our 15 minute break. It is worthwhile, very hard work, and fun.
    A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover rent.
    Commencing 11th Sept 2017
  • French SW Tutor's Home Every Wednesday 2 - 4 pm.
    Shirley Wigglesworth 01924 378809

    Using a course book we do grammar exercises, reading comprehension, listening comprehenssion via tapes, and oral work. Each week every member is expected to present orally a piece of prepared work on a chosen topic. We also read works of French authors (not in translation).
  • French Making Progress Agbrigg Community Centre. Every Friday 10:00 - 12:00 noon.
    Brenda Willis 01484 865139

    For people who have some knowledge of French (possibly very rusty) and wish to revise or improve. If you enjoy visiting France and wish to keep your brain active then come and join a friendly, relaxed French class of like-minded people.
    A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover rent
    Commencing 22nd Sept 2017
  • Gardening various venues
    3rd Monday in the month
    Hilary Fowler 01924 258234 fowler_hilary@hotmail.com

    the group will visit interesting gardens over the summer. Please come along and preferences. The visits will most likely be on other days of the week, to suit members.
    Commencing 18th September 2017
  • German Conversation Sandal Library
    Every Friday 1:30 - 3:30 pm
    Edith Thackray 01924 217574

    A friendly mixed-ability group, learning basic German conversation with a light-hearted approach.
    Commencing 25th Sept 2017
  • History: The Stuarts Methodist Church, Sandal,
    Alternate Thursdays 2.00 -4.00
    Beth Rudkin, Barnsley U3A
    Contact: Hilary Fowler 01924 258234 fowler_hilary@hotmail.com

    The Stuarts: A new king, a new family. So it will be sweetness and light. Except that we will try to blow up the Houses of Parliament, we'll argue over religion, we will smuggle new babies into the room in bed pans, we will have affairs. Oh, and we will chop the head off a king. Nothing much happens then!
    A charge of £11 will be made to cover rent.
    Commencing 14th Sept 2017
  • Line Dancing Kirkhamgate Village Hall.
    Tuesday 10:30 am to 12.00 noon
    Jane Chand 01924 361493 janechand@hotmail.co.uk

    Easy line dancing for beginners and those who are more experienced.
    A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover rent
    Commencing 19th Sept 2017
  • Luncheon Group Gaskell's Restaurant, Wakefield College, Margaret Street.
    Thursday monthly 12.00noon for 12.15pm
    Pauline Tuney 01924 255746 pauline.turney@googlemail.com

    We meet during the catering college term, usually once a month, and have a three course meal in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Ring Pauline for your reservation.
  • Mah Jong Member's home, Sandal.
    First Friday monthly, 1.30pm to 3.30pm
    Florence Schoeb 01924 277304 florenceschoeb@yahoo.co.uk

    Mah Jong is a game originated in China around 2000 years ago. It demands skill, patience and strategy. It is similar to “rummy” n the west but much more complicated. Beginners welcome.
    Commencing 1st Sept 2017
  • Mechanics of Military History (10 Weeks) Wrenthorpe Methodist Church Hall, Wrenthorpe Road WF2 0HR.
    Mondays 2.00pm – 4.00pm
    Keith Griffiths 01924 371377 kandm95@gmail.com

    A series of illustrated talks covering Saddam's supergun, the first Gulf war, the logistics of military conflict, assault ships, landing craft and much more. A charge of £11 will be made to cover the rent. Commencing 25th Sept 2017
  • Miniatures/Dolls House Furniture Tutor's Home, Huddersfield.
    Thursday monthly 10.00am to 3.00pm (1 hour for lunch)
    Shirley Dufton, 01484 534297

    A class for beginners AND those with more experience. To make the little things that turn a house into a home.
  • Music: Listening To Manygates Adult Education Centre
    Every Friday 10:00am. - 12:00 noon
    Marion Lewis, 01924 372633 marionlewis@sky.com

    Listening to music. From light classical to symphonies, concerti, and opera from Baroque to Modern, with background information on composers, works and performers.
    A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover rent. Commencing 22nd Sept 2017
  • Myths and Their Meanings(10 Weeks) Member's home Sandal
    Thursday 2.00-3.30 pm
    Alan Earnshaw BA,MA 01226 283863

    What do myths tell us about ourselves and the world? Are they about nature, are they the product of the unconcious mind, or do they seek to resolve life's contradictions? Are myths of the ancients of any significance or relevance today? The course will raise these questions and attempt some answers.
    Commencing 28th Sept 2017
  • Poetry Choices (10 Weeks) Agbrigg Community Centre
    Fortnightly Tuesday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Wilf McAlea 01977 513158 ope7wm@sky.com

    This relaxed and friendly group is for those of us who like to share their love of poetry. Poems are chosen from an agreed subject, each person reading their choice. Members are not expected to be knowledgeable about the poem. New members welcome.
    A charge of £11 per term will made to cover rent.
    Commencing 12th Sept 2017
  • Recorder Group Tutor’s home, Horbury.
    Every Monday 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm
    David Johnson 01924 262181 david.johnson68@btinternet.com

    Players need to have their own recorder and be able to read music. All abilities can be catered for. A charge will be made to purchase a copy of the music we play-ranging from the Renaissance to modern day, so hopefully covering something that everyone can enjoy playing.
    Commencing 18th Sept 2017
  • Scottish Dancing Kirkhamgate Village Hall.
    Every Thursday 2:00 - 4:00 pm.
    Jane Chand 01924 361493 janechand@hotmail.co.uk

    Come and join us for a fun session of Scottish dancing. Beginners and more experienced dancers are welcome.
    A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover rent.
    Commencing 21st Sept 2017
  • Spanish Intermediate(2) Sandal Library
    Every Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00 noon.
    Lorraine Johnson 01924 256193 djohnson2@talktalk.net

    We are a friendly, self-help group. Sessions include reading, translation, exercises in vocabulary, grammar, conversation, etc. The aim is to improve our ability to understand and speak the Spanish language.
    Commencing 20th Sept 2017
  • Table Tennis(1) Primrose Hall Horbury,
    Every Tuesday 1:45 - 3:45pm
    Sheila Moorhouse 01924 901325

    All levels are welcome. Group Table Tennis, mostly doubles.
    A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover rent
    Runs throught out the year.
  • Table Tennis(2) Primrose Hall Horbury,
    Every Thursday 1.30 - 3:30pm
    Barry: 01484 522696

    For players with some experience.
    A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover rent
    Runs through out the year.
  • Tap Dancing Baptist Church Hall, Barnsley Road
    Every Thursday 10:00 am - 11:00am
    Susan Flint 01924 274563 derricksusan@gmail.com

    An exhilarating way to keep fit. New members welcome, should have some tap dancing experience.
    A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover rent
    Commencing 7th Sept 2017
  • The Reformation (8 Weeks) Baptist Church, Barnsley Road.
    Every Thursday 10.30 am to 12.30
    David Leyshon 01924 249686

    What, where, when, who, why? This year marks the five hundredth anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. We will look at what happened and why it happened, the people involved, how it affected the Christian faith and the expected and unexpected consequences.
    A charge of £9 will be made to cover rent.
    Commencing 26th Oct 2017
  • Walking 5 Miles Various Venues
    2nd Tuesday in month 1:00 pm
    Lorraine Johnson 01924 256193 djohnson2@talktalk.net

    Commencing 13th Sept 2016
    Walking boots or walking shoes should be worn on all walks. In case of bad weather check with Group Leader that walk will take place.
    On all walks take good waterproofs and a spare sweater. For longer walks a packed lunch and a flask/drink are required. Please note that neither the Group Leader nor the U3A will be responsible for the safety of any person who participates in these walks.
  • Walking 8 - 10 Miles Various Venues Monday 3rd or 4th in month 9:30 am.
    Lorraine Johnson 01924 256193

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  • Well,It's About Time (8 Weeks) Baptist Church, Barnsley Road
    Wednesday 10.30-12.30pm
    David Leyshon 01924 249686

    What is Time? How is it measured? How do humans and animals expreriece it? How has it affected societies? And how did we get our calendar? These, and other questions about Time, will be the focus of an 8 week course.
    A carge of £9 will be made to cover rent.
    Commencing 10th Jan 2018
  • Wind Band St Mary's Church Hall Horbury Junction.
    Every Friday 1.30-3.30 pm.
    Jenny Scrupps 01924 262664

    The Wind BandThe Wind Band is made up of mixed ability players ranging from experienced players to those who took up playing as a retirement challenge. We have a fantastic conductor who makes rehearsals fun and gently gets the best out of us. Although we are a Wind Band a string base guitarist would be very welcome. So dig out those instruments and don't be shy come and join us.
    A charge of £11 per term will be made to cover rent
    Commencing 22nd th Sept 2017