Wakefield and Disrict U3A

Miniatures Group
Shirley Dufton 01484534297

Four members of NAME and five members of Wakefield u3a miniature group met, at my house for a day of fun, friendship and miniatures.

NAME or National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts, is an American organisation for people who love making miniatures and dolls houses and sharing their hobby with others. I am a member of NAME and the regional coordinator for Rest the of The World, outside of the USA and Canada.

I arrange meetings for the English members each year, so it is nice to bring them together with my u3a group. We met at 10 am for coffee and biscuits and then got down to the serious part of the day. The project was a Petit Properties croft kit, based on many old cottages found throughout Ireland and The Highlands of Scotland, consisting of just one room.

The main object of the workshop was to learn different techniques. The floors were made to look like clay tiles or stone floors, using a plaster compound, which was coloured with acrylic paint during the mixing process. When these dried, we put on a wash to make them look old and distressed. After the floors were finished, we assembled the cottages, then painted and distressed the door, windows and inside walls. On the outside walls we applied a texture using tissue paper, a technique Michael and I learned at the Gulf South Miniature Show in New Orleans a few years ago. Some of us managed to put the roof on and then tile it. However most were happy to leave it for another day.

It was nearly six o’clock and we were feeling tired. During the day we had two draws for door prizes and exchanged gifts at lunchtime. Everyone enjoyed the event and we are all looking to the get together next year. Shirley Dufton Group leader of the miniature group.