Wakefield and District U3A

May 2018 Charity No 1002486
Shirley Dufton 01484534297
Hilary Fowler 01924258234
Web site     http://www.wakefieldu3a.org.uk
Urgent Appeal For New Hon Secretary

Our current secretary must step down at the AGM in November. Is there anyone who is willing to take on this role? Hilary is happy to stay on the committee to support the new secretary, but we urgently need to find a volunteer for this important function. The job principally involves taking minutes at the once-monthly committee meetings and dealing with any paperwork arising from meetings. Hilary is happy to talk to anyone who might be interested, or you can contact another member of the committee and if possible attend some committee meetings before the AGM. In addition to the secretary, the chairman must also step down at the AGM. A reminder that we need more volunteers to join the committee. If we cannot appoint a new chairman and secretary, our U3A might have to close down.

Tennants Sale Room Visit

This year is Wakefield U3A 35th anniversary. We have planned to spend a day out visiting Tennants sale room in Leyburn on Monday October 8th. We arrive for coffee at 11am, have, a two course lunch and tea and scones at 3:30pm. Between all this food , we have a talk from Mr Rodney Tennant himself, a quiz, a behind the scenes tour and a talk about upcoming sales and exhibitions. We will also be able to have a free valuation on an item we take with us (there will be a limit of the number of items, because of time). We will have to know what the item is two weeks before, so the appropriate expert is there to value it. The cost for all this is £28. Space is limited so put your names down to reserve a place. Ring Shirley Dufton on 01484 534297 or Shirley Wigglesworth on 01924 378809.

Coffee Morning March

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance was the subject at the March coffee morning. Helen Murray-Sharpe, who volunteers for the charity, gave a very interesting presentation about its work. The charity, set up in 2000, is responsible for the running and maintenance of its two helicopters, one based at Nostell and the other at Topcliffe. Its paramedics are provided by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust. The obvious advantages of using a helicopter in emergencies are speed and ability to access difficult and dangerous terrain. The service costs £12,000 a day to run and is funded entirely by money raised by local organisations and the public. She said that if every one of the 4 million people living in Yorkshire gave £1 a year that would pay the annual running costs of this invaluable service!

Coffee Morning April 20th

John Whelpton, a volunteer from bowel cancer UK delivered a most informative presentation to raise awareness of bowel cancer at our coffee morning. John told us that he had been diagnosed with stage 2 bowel cancer some years ago, but following treatment was now well. He said that he had made changes to his diet, having realised that he needed to improve it vastly. He went through the five indications for a visit to the doctor, but told us that his wife had recently exhibited all five symptoms, but turned out not to have the disease. Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK, but mortality is the second highest, after lung cancer. This is largely because diagnosis is often not made till the disease is fairly advanced. John urged everyone to go immediately to their GP if they had any concerns as, the earlier the disease is caught, the better the chances of survival.
For further information, the website address is: www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk


New regulations are about to be introduced covering increased security around information held by many organisations and the necessity for consent. You may have been contacted by organisations asking you to confirm they may still send you emails. These regulations also cover charities such as ours. We will have a new application form for the year commencing in September, but in the meantime, we need to contact our members to ask them to agree that we may continue to get in touch. Group leaders have been asked to check with their members and we would request that you reply to them so we may keep within the new requirements. Thank you.