Wakefield and District U3A

A report from one of our number:

Summer Learning break at Hawkhill, Easingwold
A Cabinet Emergency training centre situated in beautiful grounds.
Excellent accommodation and 3 meals a day and tea and coffee on tap. Couldn't ask for more.
There were 8 different courses, many of which most had not done the subject before. There were 5 members from Wakefield which was very pleasing. It was good to meet some of the 88 members from the region and learn about their U3As.
My course was UK History 1945 to 1997 and our tutor was David Davies from Harrogate U3A.
He had a power point presentation with plenty of discussion and recommendation to read Andrew Marr's History of Britain on this period We all felt it jogged plenty of memories as well as learning the background of some the events.
I came back determined to write some memories down so my family will know about "The Cold War," the big freeze of 1947, and how we managed with rationing and so on. We all wanted to have the next learning break at Hawkhill in two years time.
Perhaps there will be more from Wakefield next time.

Diana O'Sullivan